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How Does School Enrollment Work

Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

The school search of a parent starts with referrals from trusted friends and family. The word of mouth referrals that a parent gets fall into two categories:

First Hand Referrals: First hand References are based on first had experiences. Such referrals are usually gives by satisfied parents who are happy with the quality of education that their child receives at their school.

Perception Based References: Perception based referrals are given based on the general perception of the school in the community. The public image of your school plays an important role in school admissions.

Word-of-Mouth referrals are the single largest source of school admissions. A School that has many satisfied customers will get more WOM referrals. Thus, increasing the satisfaction levels of your customers is the key long term growth of your school admissions.

Your Online Presence

Once the prospective parent gets Word-of-Mouth Referrals from friends and family, they usually want to find out more about your school. To achieve this, most parents go online and check out your schools website along with your social media pages, youtube videos, webinars, reviews and ratings that your school might have received.

The content that you post online helps create the public perception of your school. If your content resonates with prospective parent, they will form a positive impression of your school. In addition to the content, your online pages should be designed to gather Leads and deliver them to you.

School Visits

A close scrutiny of the online presence of schools referred by friends and family leads to creation of a shortlist of schools that the parent visits. The school visit is very important role in the admissions decision of the parent. Once the prospective parent walks into your school, your admissions staff can aggressively market your school and enroll the student in your school.


The satisfaction level of your existing parents is directly proportional to the number of admissions in your school. If you have more satisfied parents, you will get more Word-of-Mouth Referrals and will see better retention rates.

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